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Getting back into the swing of things...

So, here we go, getting used to posting again haha

I went to my best friend's wedding dress fitting and my god she looked so pretty. Too bad she looked like throwing up but hey, as long as the dress fits. Lacing it is tedious but worth it in the end. Woo.

Short day at work today, hurray!!

Yeah, that's pretty much the extent of my day so far.
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It's been awhile... I have no idea if my old friends still even follow me, let along USE lj...

If anyone is still keeping track of my sparse posts, come and say hi :)

Going through old posts makes me miss everyone on here.

I used to post everything now?


I'll try and remedy that :)
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spammage on twitter....

This el jay user needs to stop spamming her twitter.


If someone wants to keep me company and has twitter, I'm roguemystic over there too...

well, I'm spamming twitter and the dragonage_kink DAII entry... omg let someone ELSE request, RM!!


all that coke really wired me up, i tell you!

Edit! By coke, I meant coca cola the drink, not the drug!
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A Mage and her Templar - Chapter 2

Title: A Mage and her Templar - Chapter 2

Characters (this chapter): Amell, Cullen, Duncan, Irving, Greagoir, F!Cousland

Rating: T (for this chapter)

Disclaimer: Dragons Age and all its expansions, DLC and sequels belong to Bioware and I am in no way earning money from this story.

Author's Note: I've decided to have two Origins recruits in this story. I love Elissa Cousland and Solona Amell and, since I'm so indecisive about whom to write about, I figured why not just write both at once? Elissa will a rogue in this particular story even though I usually play her as a warrior.

As usual, all errors are my own! If you see anything wrong, don't hesitate to let me know!

When Solona awoke the next morning she found herself in a foreign room and trapped between arms that seemed to be made solid muscle. Wriggling to try and turn herself around, she felt the twinges of pain that reminded her of what exactly she did last night.

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So, I have no idea why the LJ cuts are being so screwy with me. I've posted larger slabs of texts before with no problem!

So, I had to cut chapter 1 in half. =( means I just have to write more for chappy 2!!

But I'm worried that with the influx of OMG DDA2 FIC MOAR!! will kind of put people off reading it... time will tell!

On another note, I've seen Thor three times in the past week. ^.^


Chris is stunning as Thor and his body?


I thought he was cut in Home and Away?

NOTHING compared to Thor.
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A Mage and her Templar - Chapter 1

Title: A Mage and her Templar - Chapter 1

Rating: M (for this chapter)

Characters (this chapter): Amell, Cullen, Duncan, Irving, Greagoir, Jowan

Summary: If anyone had told Solona that her Harrowing would change her life so completely, she doubt she would have believed them. Takes place all through DA:O but tweaked to suit my Amell.

Disclaimer: Dragons Age and all its expansions, DLC and sequels belong to Bioware and I am in no way earning money from this story.

Author’s Note: Okay, so I’m taking liberties with my Warden. Cullen and Amell were already in a tentative relationship before Duncan arrived on the scene. Now we know the name of Amell’s mother and how he/she was taken to the circle (thanks DA2!) I will be including that in the story and may even see a meeting of the respective Hawke and Amell, as well as Amell meeting her mother, Revka, as we don’t know what happened to her in the grand scheme of things. Also... my Cullen is a tad OOC... okay more like a ‘lot’ OOC, but I liked him better this way :D

Solona Amell had completed her Harrowing less than twelve hours ago and already Jowan had introduced her to Lily, bombarded her with his pending Rite of Tranquillity, met the Warden Commander and was drawn into his foolish plan.
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In Australia, today is ANZAC Day. For those who don't know what ANZAC stands for, it is Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

It bothers me that kids are forgetting the true meaning of the day and disrespect the memory of those who gave their lives freely so these same children could be born free.

Those soldiers deserve our respect no matter what.

Any soldier who gives their life in service to their country, no matter where, deserves respect.

Lest We Forget.
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Oh... My... God...!!

I saw Disturbed last night.


They were amazing, more than I thought and they had REAL FIRE explosions!!

He sounds exactly like he does on the albums, which means he's a FABUSLOUS singer!!

I moshed my way to the front and took some pretty good pictures despite being jostled around a lot.

Totally worth the bruises, aches, pains and headache I currently have.

Though, they run out of jumpers. I was devestated. ;_;
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I have forgotten how much a bike seat can hurt your bum.

Gel seats FTW!!!

... now to actually get one before next Sunday!

Also, writing is back on track. I've had a huge block for months where nothing seemed to come out right. My bubs are certainly happy they get more of a story now!!