December 19th, 2007

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Which Bleach Character I am....

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About: Ichigo is the main character of Bleach. He is 15-years-old and looks like a mean teenager with his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth always in a scowl. However, looks can be are deceiving, especially in Ichigo's case, as behind that rough exterior is a kind-hearted person who cares for his friends, family, and all of humanity.

Ichigo lives with his father, Isshin Kurosaki, and sisters, Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki. His mother, whom he loved very much, was killed by a Hollow when he was younger. His father, who is very much alive, runs a small medical clinic in their house, and constantly fights with Ichigo. His father often lands surprise attacks on Ichigo and claims that Ichigo should always be alert. In the end though, Ichigo always wins. 

Ichigo, a stand out because of his orange hair, is usually involved in many fights with the upperclassmen in his school because of his looks. Ichigo claims that he does not care what others think about his hair, or anything else in general, and does stuff the way he wants it to be done. He also has an exceptional ability - to be able to see and communicate with ghosts. As a matter of fact, his whole family has some degree of spiritual power. Of the children, Ichigo has the highest amount of spiritual power. He is given the powers of a Shinigami by Rukia Kuchki one day in order to save himself and his family and since than has been fighting Hollow and other types of paranormal beings to protect humans and those who cannot defend themselves.
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Writer's Block: A Winter Memory

Describe a winter memory using all five senses.

Bundled up babies, cloaked adults, bare trees, pouring rain.
Touch: Gloves, wind and rain on my face, coldness.
Hearing: Howling wind, pounding rain, people talking.
Smell: Fresh and cold air, hot food.
Taste: Rain, cookies and hot chocolate.
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Writer's Block: In Cold Weather...

How do you react to cold weather?
I love the cold weather. It's the best time of year. Sure, I don't get snow or anything as awesome as that, but I love anything cold. I'm the person who will have their fan on in the middle of Winter.

Also, I can wear all my best clothes in the cold because they can't tell me off for wearing pants, jackets, coats, or long sleeve tops.
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Writer's Block: Winters in my Childhood

What was it like during winter where you grew up?
Winter is always during the middle of the year. It is cold, wet, windy, stormy and slushy. But these winters are the best. Thunderstorms never frightened me. At sleepovers, I was the one who had the curtains open and watched in rapt fascination while the others hid in their sleeping bags. Nowadays, I'm the fool standing outside in the middle of the storm while the ones who previously hid in their sleeping bags yell at me through the windows.

I have always loved winter over any other season. While others feel sluggish and down, I am the oddity that is full of energy and upbeat. While they all stay inside and moan about the cold, I'm outside in the very same cold doing everything I can. I love playing netball in the rain. It is the best feeling.

My childhood memories that stand out are mostly set in winter.

It's the best season.